Group Travel Plans

Business Travel Insurance offers cover that protects the personal safety of your employees and other essentials such as delays, cancellation, losses of equipment and money etc. when travelling overseas.

Businesses that regularly send their employees abroad on behalf of their company

Taking out one of these policies provides you with a simple, easy way of covering the personal safety of a number of your people for either single or multi trips.

These are two completely different policies so should not be confused. There are vast differences between the two however to look at it simply, International cover is a lot more like Private Medical Insurance, whereas Business Travel covers employees whilst travelling abroad.

You cannot get specific cover for one country. There are 4 areas which countries fall into which are: Europe, USA, Middle East and Australasia, alternatively you can obtain Worldwide cover. So if you wanted to be covered for travel to Portugal you would fall under the category of Europe, this then means you are able to travel to any other country in Europe.

This differs depending on the insurer but can be anything up to a maximum of 6 months in any given policy year.

As a business policy this is something you can offer to add on for your employees for a slightly higher premium. This is a valued staff benefit as it can be used for personal travel throughout the whole period of cover.

Yes, subject to each providers Terms and Conditions.

This depends on your insurer. Some offer a medical history disregarded policy which means existing medical conditions are not taken into account. Some providers cover this on a fit to travel basis, so pre-existing conditions can be covered as long as the member is fit to travel, but excludes any person who is awaiting diagnosis.

They can be covered on most policies for a slightly higher premium.

Almost all policies cover such costs subject to each policy’s Terms & Conditions.

We provide you with completely independent information on all the latest products on the market alongside our years of experience helping businesses find tailor-made travel cover.

Usually a minimum of 3 employees.

Insurers do sometimes have age limits for cover, we can guide you accordingly to the most suitable insurer for your needs.

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