Health Cash Plans

We look after our health in a variety of ways, not all of them at the GP surgery or in the consultant’s room at the hospital. We have opticians and dentists, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

For most of these essential health services, we pay the care provider directly. If we are making regular appointments to keep healthy, the costs can mount up.

Health Cash Plans are a highly effective way to reduce these costs by a significant amount. They are extremely affordable, easily accessible, and can pay for themselves several times over in a single policy year.

A health cash plan is there to help with everyday health costs that you pay for directly to the provider. Dental and ophthalmic care are two examples of this. The plan lets you claim all or a proportion of the money back.

If you visit your dentist or optician on a regular basis, a Health Cash Plan is for you. Osteopathy, chiropody, physiotherapy, and some complementary therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic are commonly covered by Health Cash Plans too. Put simply, if you are taking care of your health, you will benefit from a Health Cash Plan.

It is simplicity itself. It is affordable. It is effective. And you don’t have to be ill to benefit from it.

Yes. Almost all plans include these.

Again, most plans cover physio treatment. Some commonly used complementary therapies, such as osteopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncture are routinely covered too.

If you have a Health Cash Plan, you can claim money back on everyday healthcare expenses – like a visit to the optician or dentist – up to an annual limit. Health Insurance covers tests and treatment for acute medical conditions. Health Insurance and Health cash plans are natural partners, and can be taken out together.

A wide range, from Individual and Family plans to Company and Corporate schemes, each offering different benefits according to the policyholder’s needs. In addition to these, for Company and Corporate schemes, Premier Choice can provide bespoke cash plan solutions.

Health Cash Plans are affordable and accessible. They can cost less than £1 a week.

No medical necessary.


Yes, if it is a company scheme; most allow this. Some Individual and Family schemes will pay after a qualifying period.

This is the period between your insurance beginning and your first claim. Not all schemes operate a qualifying period.

In general, you will only be able to vary your cover once during a policy year or when it is time to renew your Plan.

It varies from one provider to another, but the general principle is the same, and is very straightforward: pay for the cost of your treatment, keep the receipt, make the claim, and your insurer reimburses you.

Yes, provided the premiums are paid for by the Company for the benefit of the members of the scheme. However, voluntary schemes are also available.

Why Premier Choice?

Hopefully, the industry awards we have won in recent years for our cash-plan solutions tell part of the story. As for the rest of it, we are independent specialists with expert knowledge of Health Cash Plans, ideally placed to help you find the right cash plan for you. Our advice is impartial and we have excellent relationships with all the main providers.

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