10 Reasons To Consider Private Healthcare In The UK?

With the fantastic services provided by the NHS, not to mention most of which are free, is private healthcare in the UK really necessary?

We’re here to give you 10 reasons and plenty of food for thought as to why private healthcare is more than just a financial decision for many.

1. Shorter waiting times

The NHS does a sterling job, but there are waiting times for many routine procedures. This isn’t the case with private healthcare, meaning you will be seen quicker and your treatment can usually get underway sooner.

2. Premium service

Private healthcare facilities pride themselves on the services they provide and go to great lengths to ensure their patients’ needs are fully taken care of. That’s why you can be sure that any private treatment you receive will meet your expectations, if not surpass them.

3. The best facilities

Private healthcare facilities, such as private hospitals, are modern and feature the latest medical technology. They’re also cleaned and maintained to the very highest standards, minimising the risk of hospital-acquired infection.

4. Your choice of facility

According to the GMB Union, there are at least 570 private hospitals in the UK. This means you have a wide choice and there is a good chance you can get treatment at a location that is convenient for you.

5. Your choice of treatment/consultant

As a private patient, you can often choose your own consultant. They will then be with you from the start of your medical journey to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

6. At a time that suits you

With the NHS, appointment slots can sometimes be tricky to secure, which means you are obliged to make any that are set for you. With private healthcare, you have the freedom to book an appointment slot for a date/time that fits with your lifestyle.

7. Access to certain drugs not available on the NHS

Certain niche drugs are prohibitively expensive for the NHS to provide. As a result, you can’t always get access to the drug treatments you want on the NHS. Depending on your level of cover, these drugs may be available at private healthcare facilities.

8. You don’t forfeit your right to use the NHS

Just because you have private medical insurance and can take advantage of private hospitals doesn’t mean you forfeit your right to use the NHS. It will still be there if you need it, even with private cover in place.

9. Ease the pressure on the NHS

Many individuals cannot afford to have private treatment and rely solely on the NHS for their healthcare needs. By having private medical insurance, whether it’s self-funded or part of your workplace benefits, means you ease the pressure on the NHS. 

10. Total peace of mind

All of the above translate into total peace of mind for you and your family (depending on your level of cover).

Exploring your options

Private healthcare in the UK is an extremely popular option, especially when people start to understand how cheap cover can be and the level of healthcare benefits they can receive. Is private healthcare something you’d be interested in finding out more about? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Author: Claire Ginnelly - Managing Director