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News December 18, 2020

Private Healthcare: Essential Cover & Peace Of Mind

Data shows the private healthcare sector is back to pre-Covid levels before the 2nd lockdown. Following a prolonged period of reduced activity levels due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the private insured and self-pay healthcare market has largely recovered, new research reveals.

News November 27, 2020

UK Businesses: Benefits Of Partnering With An Employee Benefits Broker

Most businesses already know the advantages of offering the right employee benefits to their workforce. However, some businesses overlook the importance of such products and beneficial role an intermediary can play when securing cover.

With that in mind, here are four key benefits for businesses when partnering with a broker who can offer a full range of employee wellbeing solutions, including employee benefits, insurance and occupational health services:

News November 22, 2020

Mental Health: Supporting Each Other Through Times Of Crisis

Back in October, I wrote about how the Covid-19 pandemic is hammering mental health. I also highlighted in that piece how despite the detrimental impact of the current situation, many businesses are responding and supporting their employees as best they can.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that Covid-19 is fuelling nothing less than a surge in work-related stress across the globe. Indeed, recently published research from AXA shows exactly what is happening in this regard across the UK.

News November 19, 2020

Group Risk: Managing & Preventing Sickness Absence

In July 2019, the UK Government published a consultation paper: Health is everyone’s business: proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss. It outlined, among other things, how the government and employers can take action to reduce ill health-related job loss.

In response to the publication of this consultation, the industry body for the group risk sector, GRiD, set up the Workplace Public Policy Committee (WPPC), with the aim of promoting workplace health and wellbeing matters to government.

News November 18, 2020

Providing The Right Staff Benefits In Times Of Crisis

What employers need to consider when it comes to staff benefits in the face of the Covid pandemic and beyond.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is having a dramatic impact on businesses and employees alike. But one area in particular where its effects are being felt is employee benefits.

Two separate pieces of research highlight what employers need to be looking at when it comes to employee benefits in the face of the Covid pandemic. 

News November 13, 2020

More People Going Private As NHS Waiting Lists Continue To Grow

NHS waiting lists are at their highest level since records began and now concerns are growing that we could end up with a two-tier healthcare system here in the UK, as more people look to the private sector to accommodate their health needs. 

News November 9, 2020

How Employers Can Better Support Their Employees’ Financial Health & Wellbeing

Whether they’ve been furloughed for the last few months, working reduced hours or carrying on with their jobs as best they can, your employees will have been significantly impacted — in a variety of ways — by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Right now, they need you as an employer to be more supportive than ever.